Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Newsletter Pictures

Before the first Air Force Academy football game
A picture at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Post of the Year - More Christmas Pictures

What a goof... :)

Christmas Eve Talent Show at G & G Hastriter's Home

Big Birthday Cake

My mom knows my size...I never shop for clothes...
What happens when you let the 24 candles burn for a long time while you think of your B-Day wish? (Not all candles counted for the same amount.)

Playing in the Snow - 22 Dec 08

Danger, Samuel...
Are those pajamas?

Yes, why make snowballs when you can use the snow shovel to catapult lots of snow? This was one of many direct hits.

Individual Pictures of Each of Our Children - 20 Dec 08


Larkin's B-Day

Pictured with my two girls.

More Early Christmas Pictures

The personalized books were a big hit for the kids.

Early Christmas at Baum's Home - 17 Dec 08

Floyd and Susan
Laurie and Aaron
Catrina, Floyd, and Amberly
Spencer and Amberly
Brandon and Kimberly

Baum Family Picture

Have you ever seen so many people looking at a camera at the same time?

Michael's Concert Choir

Michael is the bottom right male. Ms. Snarr is his teacher on the piano.

Miriam's Birthday Party

Chuck E. Cheese party.

Benson Family Visit

Candlelight dinner?
Brett is Adam's seminary teacher and served in Portugal with me.

Abi's B-Day - Thanksgiving Day

Yes, she somehow got the high score in bowling power throws on the Wii.